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Eurordis - Rare Disease Europe

Increase your knowledge and skills

The EURORDIS Open Academy empowers patient advocates with knowledge and skills to take part in patient engagement roles side-by-side with all stakeholders and to advocate for rare diseases on a European and national level.

Trainings are delivered in English in a blended format, comprising e-learning modules, pre-training webinars and face-to-face/online intensive days. Our offer is composed of various schools, for EURORDIS members, and e-learning courses are open to anyone to take on this website


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Without knowledge we are nothing. That is why the Open Academy is so important for patient advocates to really make changes in their communities, in the life of patients.

Biljana Mircheska, North Macedonia, Save Liver Association of Patients with Liver Diseases

Our alumni


By 2021, the Open Academy has trained over 608 patient advocates from 51 countries and counts over 1860 e-learning users from 153 countries.

Our faculty


The faculty of the Open Academy has now reached 64 experts in the fields of scientific innovation and translational research, medicines development, research, social media, conflict resolution, communication, leadership and international advocacy.

Training hours


The programme provides close to 70 training hours per year of live sessions (online and face-to-face) while having nearly 61h of e-learning courses freely available online in addition to the training sessions.

Our trainings are delivered with...

  • Quality

    All courses are taught by Open Academy faculty members who are recognised experts in their fields.

  • Variety

    Open Academy programmes are taught in English, through a blend of online and face-to-face trainings, during which patients acquire an understanding of key concepts and terminology, take part in master classes, discuss case studies and benefit from peer-to-peer learning. The programmes aim to enhance the capacity of patient advocates so they can engage concretely in research, policies and services.

  • Open access

    The Academy is characterised as open as all online training modules are also made freely available via this website to anyone interested in building their capacities independently.

  • Vision (future-oriented)

    The Open Academy schools and online training use innovative delivery methods.

  • Independence

    The EURORDIS Open Academy operates independently, ensuring there is no conflict of interest in the programme design, content, faculty or funding mechanisms.

  • Accessible and inclusive

    The Open Academy strives to be affordable and as accessible as possible with the learning methods.

New online course on Creating Great Mobile Video

This course is designed to offer you tools that will allow you to film low-budget videos using your smartphone. You’ll also gain an insight into the importance of knowing who your audience is and where and when they consume content as this determines the success of your video.

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Contact the Open Academy team

Sharon Aston, Open Academy & Events Director

Tamara Kovazh, Open Academy Manager - Training Coordinator

Tamara Kovazh

Marta Campabadal, Open Academy Manager - e-Learning and Outreach Coordinator

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