Unit 2: Ethics in Medicines Development

As you probably know, clinical trials are studies performed on human beings.

Conducting trials in humans and applying the results on large populations requires specific methods.

The participation of women and men in this research results not only in technical problems but also in ethical issues (concerns).

Some ethical questions linked to Clinical trials are discussed in this course.

The benefit of collaboration between Patients Organisations and scientific stakeholders in the design and the conduct of Clinical Trials is well established.

In order to allow an early and in-depth collaboration, sharing the same vocabulary and same concepts is of high importance.

The aim of this training module is to familiarise you with the words and the main questions of the Ethical aspects of the Clinical Trials.

To complete this Unit, you need to read through the Introduction and the seven courses: Introduction, Need for Ethics, Beneficience, Autonomy, Justice, Informed Consent, and Ethics Committees. You will see that each course is made up of five sub-sections: Lesson, Words, Case, Documents, and a short quiz.

At the end of the Unit, you will be able to print your “Certificate of Completion” once you have taken the Final quiz.