EURORDIS Winter School

The EURORDIS Winter School on Scientific Innovation and Translational Research consists of one week face-to-face training held in Paris in March and the training modules below, which are available online for anyone to use for free. 

Winter School

EURORDIS launched the training with the aim of deepening patient representatives’ understanding of how pre-clinical research translates into real benefits for rare disease patients.

The training equips participants with knowledge and skills so they are empowered to effectively participate in discussions with the researchers, policy makers and companies responsible for research or research infrastructures.

Expert speakers and researchers from across Europe deliver the face-to-face training sessions.

The first edition of the face-to-face training of the EURORDIS Winter School was held in March 2018 in Paris.  It covered topics including the history of genetics, diagnostics, new technologies in gene therapy, and drug repurposing and included laboratory visits.

Next face-to-face training

The next face-to-face training of the EURORDIS Winter School will take place 11-15 March 2019 at the Imagine Institute in Paris. The applications for this training are now closed. Applicants will be notified of the results of their application by end October.

Take part in free online training

Learn more about rare disease research at a time and place that suits you! Take the free online modules below. Each module includes a lesson and quiz.

The below online modules are from the first edition of the EURORDIS Winter School. Full online modules will be developed following the 2019 edition of the EURORDIS Winter School. The conditions of use for all EURORDIS training have been licensed with Creative Commons.

Unit 1: Setting the landscape

Winter School Unit 1: Setting the landscape

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Unit 2: Clinical Diagnosis

Winter School Unit 2: Genetic research to clinical diagnosis of Rare Diseases

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Unit 3: Patient data

Winter School Unit 3: Sharing patient data

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Unit 4: From research to therapies

Winter School Unit 4: From research to therapies

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30 patient organisations and European Patient Advocacy Groups (ePAGs) from around Europe participated in the first face-to-face training EURORDIS Winter School in 2018.

Financial support

The 2018 and 2019 editions of the EURORDIS Winter School are financed through the EU-funded Solve-RD project, of which EURORDIS is a partner.