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Eurordis - Rare Disease Europe


Lesson 1: Introduction

To complete this Unit, you need to read through the seven courses: Introduction, Scope of Statistics, Variability, Sampling, Statistical tests, Significance, and Rules and exceptions. You will see that each chapter is made up of four sub-sections: Lesson, Vocabulary, Case, Documents.

At the end of the Unit, you will be able to print your Certificate of Completion, once you have taken Final quiz.

To get started on the Statistics Unit, please read through the slides prepared by Julia Saperia, it provides many of the basic notions in statistics.

Introductory statistics for medical research

Download Slides

Please take your time going through the courses, there is a great deal of technical information; however, you are not expected to be a statistician at the end of this Unit, only to become familiar with some of the terminology.

The content is also intended to allow you to come back and review it if needed in the future, for example if you are trying to understand study results in a scientific paper.